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We are a full service Auction Company, providing you with all the needs to perform an auction for you.  Giving you the peace of mind, that your investment whether be Cattle, Farm Equipment, Business or Real Estate will be handled with the best of care and professionalism to get the highest return.


Buyers and Sellers alike have confidence in knowing that Roger Miller Auctions, LLC never deviates from the Absolute Auction.

Through our promotional efforts, including thousands of brochures being distributed from our in house mailing lists, coupled with the fact that everything is sold to the highest bidder regardless of price, the seller can be assured that he has received fair market value. Likewise, the buyers have the confidence and assurance that they have also purchased at fair market value.


We also offer an appraisal service for you when the need occurs for Estate Planning, Transitioning of  property to another individual, placing a value on one's Estate, for tax purposes.


Roger Miller of Roger Miller Auctions, LLC is a licensed auctioneer for the past 30 years.  Worked for Ownby Auction & Realty for 23 years.  After Ownby Auction Company retired, he then began his own business as Roger Miller Auctions, LLC.

We are also affiliated with Ownby & Associates Realty, to handle all of your Realty needs.

For a Confidential, No Obligation Meeting, At Your Place of Business, Call 757-784-2326


We hope you all have had a great summer and now are ready to get down to business.  If you are thinking about an auction of your equipment now is the time to contact use.  We would be happy to come out for a Confidential and No Obligation Meeting with you.

Just call Roger today at 757-784-2326.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Ownby & Associates, Inc.

Roger Miller is a licensed agent for Ownby & Associates, Inc.


On going Business, Garden Center, Floral Shop, and Warehouse

in Surry County

For complete details call

Roger Miller @ 757-784-2326




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